When encountering people that Declan finds particularly displeasing, annoying, ignorant or just plan stupid, he will proclaim -- in a mocking tone -- that they are "dumb and stupid". After which Aisha will usually exclaim "DECLAN!", tell him to "be nice", or shut up (in reference to invoking the meme). Note that even though he is in fact, invoking a meme, he does in fact think of whoever he's thinking of as "dumb and stupid".

He may also invoke this meme by saying "STOOOOP! STOP!" the way the prison staff did in the documentary. When invoking it this way, he is usually doing it purely for laughs.


Declan once viewed a 2012 prison documentary called 'Wake Up Screaming'[1]. This particular meme was created by Declan, upon viewing a sequence of events in the documentary beginning at 31:01. In it, we see a black male, an inmate apparently with the surname Collins, being disciplined by the faculty and fellow inmates for apparent poor conduct. At 35:03, Collins' rant begins, starting with his proclamation that he "ain't goin' nowhere" and that he "has a new daughter". Shortly thereafter he boasts that his daughter is in private school and is smart enough to skip grades, "even though [he] sells drugs". Then he states (to the other inmates) that, "all y'all daughters in here are only in first grade because they're dumb and stupid". He is told to stop twice by the prison staff, and then further berated for his behaviour. It is unknown if Collins graduated from the programme. Declan was quoted as saying, "My money is on . . . NO!"