Invocation Edit

When prompted with a question ending in "everyone", Declan or Aisha may respond with an exclamatory answer of "EVERYONE!". Inversely, either of the two may ask "everyone?" in a tone that is indicative of the meme's invocation.

Aisha: "My teacher needs permission slips from everyone."

Declan: "Everyone?"

Aisha: "EVERYONE!"

Meta Edit

Popular racing game franchise Need for Speed (EA please don't sue; we know you could use the money, snort snort) was a childhood favourite of Declan's. As a teenager, EA released an entry called NFS: Most Wanted. Declan finished the entire game (including the bonus challenges), but not before viewing a cutscene in which the meme was contained and then developed into what it is today. Sergeant Cross, an officer with the Rockport City Police Department has spent the latter half of the game tailing the player character, wanting to apprehend a high-bounty racer. Once the player becomes the number one 'blacklist racer', cops run up on the finish line, while an undercover officer, Mia, helps the player get away. Cross shows up minutes later, asking where the player is, as he's the highest bounty racer in the entire city. Mia shrugs and tells him that you got away, to which Cross asks, "You mean to tell me the number one blacklist racer got away?" She simply shrugs and walks away. The camera then slowly pans to him and what is assumed to be a female detective next to him. He says, without looking at her, to "get every available unit after the guy". "Everyone", she asks. To which Cross turns to her and exclaims "EVERYONE!", before turning back toward the camera and having a twitch fit (facial muscle spasms).

Alternatively, another source for the meme comes from a 1994 action-thriller film called Leon the Professional, starring Gary Oldman. In it, there is a scene where Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman's character) is organising an operation, which we can assume goes very wrong. First, Norman says into his handheld radio "See? I told you". He then turns to "Benny", and says, "Bring me everyone". To which Benny replies, "What do you mean everyone?" Then Norman sharply turns his head towards Benny and exclaims "EVERYONE!"